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10 Reasons It's Worth Writing a Press Release

25 Oct 2022, 07:57 GMT+10

Public relations professionals, especially those who have read the 2021 State Media Report, know that press releases remain one of the most powerful mediums for telling your company's story to a wide audience. Our media survey shows that the majority of journalists (78%) would like to receive press releases from PR professionals. And the media aren't the only ones looking for press releases. Millions of visitors come to PRwire360 specifically to read press releases.


However, some organizations do not always use press releases as a platform to deliver newsworthy information to journalists, customers and other key stakeholders. Often the obstacle is that we don't understand what information is really newsworthy.


Our new series of blog posts shows all the whys and hows of sending a press release. That way, you'll never miss an opportunity to promote your brand, reach out to existing audiences, or gain new ones.


What is a company growth press release?

If your company is growing, you have a story to tell. Why? By highlighting your company's growth through press releases, you invite consumers, potential investors, and other stakeholders to notice your company and become a part of its success. Consider the following opportunities to write press releases related to company growth.


Opening a New Business: Starting a new business requires persistence and perseverance. So when you're finally ready to launch, your announcement should be as flashy as your first ball. Writing a press release with multimedia elements that show how your business is organized and what you offer your customers is a great way to show openness with your business.


Celebrate company milestones and anniversaries. Facebook will announce your birthday and LinkedIn will shout out your ad (update if you remember!). So why not use press releases to do the same for your company's milestones and anniversaries? Every year your company starts up and there is a celebration for every milestone the company reaches. Issue a press release and invite stakeholders to share your success.


Acquisition or merger announcements: As they say, two heads are better than one. That's why we want our customers to know that when these two companies come together, they're twice as powerful as before. If your company is public, this news is not only important to report to shareholders, but also a necessary disclosure.


Moving or opening a new office. Cities welcome new businesses, so don't miss the opportunity to spread the word about your move or expansion in your new city's local publications. Opening an office in a new location represents the belief that the local economy is the best place to do business. This is news that local reporters don't want to miss.


Announced the expansion of the company. Public companies are required to disclose expansions into new territories because they are considered "significant events" that affect stock prices. For a private company, announcing development is worth sharing (and, frankly, not so modestly). Experience the data driven, result oriented press release distribution service from PRWire360. We create high impact brand impressions by reaching out to the right audience at the right time with the perfect message. PRWire360 products are built around your business goals and cater to your short, mid and long term PR objectives. Our flexible pricing model is suitable for small, medium and large scale businesses alike.


Dos and don'ts for writing press releases related to company growth


Start with a compelling headline: Since it's the first and sometimes only part of your press release your audience will read, the headline is one of the most important elements to consider. The ideal headline should be around 70 characters and briefly summarize the who, what and why of the story. (That is, write the headline like a front page news article). 


Don't just use words. A thumbnail can go a long way in increasing brand awareness. At a minimum, you should include your logo, but adding photos, videos, or other multimedia elements can increase engagement with your publication.

The Difference Between a Press Release and a Guest Post

Don't forget the boilerplate: It may not be the most attractive part of a press release, but the boilerplate is not something that can be ignored or overlooked. It provides readers unfamiliar with your company with much-needed information about your company. And what it does is increase brand awareness.


Continue the story: Create opportunities for readers to connect with your company beyond the press release. In addition to including a call to action, add links to your website (specifically, your "About Us" page) or social media accounts to encourage readers to learn more about your company and journalists to follow. 


Include compelling quotes: For press releases about company growth, quotes from senior management, customers, or industry experts can add credibility to the news. Journalists also continue to quote directly from press releases for use in their articles. Make sure the quote sounds natural and adds to the story (don't repeat the title or sound like a robot).


High impact press releases are our specialty. We specialise in creating high-impact brand impressions by reaching out to the right audience at just the perfect moment with an awesome message that caters specifically towards your business goals and objectives! Whether you're looking for short term, mid or long term PR services from us - we've got a flexible pricing model suitable no matter what size the company handles it all so give me a call today because time is money!!

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