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JavaScript for Kids

02 Dec 2022, 05:02 GMT+10

Did you know that JavaScript is used every time you interact with a website or online game? This is the programming language responsible for the interactivity and engagement of the Web!

A programmer must be familiar with numerous JavaScript tools, libraries, and so on to create interactive games, applications, and websites. This tutorial provides an introduction to JavaScript programming.

Are you eager to learn more about JavaScript? Let's go!

Why should you learn JavaScript?
Most web browsers, including Chrome and Safari, support JavaScript code. From mobile apps to websites to online games, JavaScript (JS) ensures their functionality!

JavaScript is an excellent technique for children to explore computer programming. Working in tandem with HTML and CSS (more on these other programming languages later), JS enhances interaction and the user experience as a whole.

JS's reduced syntax makes it easy for novice programmers to begin game design, web development, and other tasks. It also prepares students for various potential occupations, including computer science.

Nick Morgan's JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction is another excellent resource (found on Amazon and other book retailers). No Starch Press also offers a variety of books and manuals on JavaScript programming.

From artistic expression to computational reasoning, knowing JavaScript can aid a child's academic and personal development. Together with HTML and CSS, this programming language provides the backbone of the Internet!

How to Teach Children JavaScript
JavaScript and computer languages, in general, can initially appear tedious or even daunting to children. But once they learn all the great capabilities of JavaScript, it's quite simple to win them over!

Whether a programmer wants to create their games or animate visuals, JS helps a great deal with animation control; JavaScript is the magic that makes everything responsive!

We would not be able to interact with online sites or control gaming characters without JavaScript.

Want to encourage a young person to learn JavaScript? Demonstrate all the great web content and online games enabled by JS. Then, describe the programming language that makes everything interactive and entertaining.

Need another method to interest children in JavaScript? Using basic grammar, JS is easy for children to learn! It is easier than C++ and Python, making it one of the greatest programming languages for building a child's foundation and confidence.

There are infinite reasons to learn and utilise JavaScript, from popular websites to snake games to mobile applications. The trick is to make it accessible, relatable, and entertaining!

JavaScript vs. HTML vs. CSS
As previously said, JavaScript collaborates with two additional computer languages to make the Internet function: HTML and CSS. Each has a crucial function. Here is a brief overview of each language.


HTML helps establish the structure of a website, online game, or application. Another perspective of HTML is as a human. This individual represents the website or Internet project's overall content.

CSS represents clothing, whereas HTML is seen as a person. This language includes stylistic attributes such as fonts, page layouts, and colours. It permits the individual, in this case, HTML, to have a new outfit, accessories, and even hairstyle!

JavaScript is the final component. JavaScript adds interactivity and aesthetic appeal to HTML, which creates structure and CSS, which gives style. Without JS, updates, interactive components, and animated images would not be possible.

JavaScript Terms
Not certain of the meaning of any of these phrases just yet? Not to worry! These definitions are intended to familiarise you with key topics as you embark on your trip. Feel free to use this list as a quick reference guide as you study JavaScript.

An array is a variable that stores multiple elements.

Data types: Represent data. Included are string, number, boolean, and null, among others.

DOM: The Document Object Model is an online document interface.

If the state is false, the code in the Else clause is executed.

A loop in which the number of repetitions is known.

Group of statements that can be re-used to accomplish a goal.

A player's action or occurrence during a game.

If statement: Runs code if a statement is true.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that aids in extending a project's capabilities.

Checks a condition before executing a block of code.

Information that impacts how a function is executed.

Pop-up windows: Provide the user with a message.

A script is a series of instructions written by a programmer for a computer to follow.

A variable that serves as a container for information.

This repeats a piece of code as long as the condition is met.

Frameworks developed with JavaScript.
Beginning from scratch is laborious and unneeded. This is why JavaScript frameworks exist. Using these frameworks, JS developers can launch a project much more quickly! Here are the top five frameworks for Javascript.


AngularJS, maintained by Google and a group of individuals, is suitable for developing Single-Page Applications (SPAs). This framework provides capabilities comparable to a mobile application, with the primary advantage of not requiring frequent reloading.


Meteor is a free and open-source JS framework utilised by companies like Qualcomm and IKEA for mobile, desktop, and online application development. Meteor's easy-to-understand nature is one of its primary features, making it great for beginners!


Node.js is technically a runtime environment and not a framework. It executes Javascript outside of a web browser. Node.js works on Chrome's V8 engine, which is quick and scalable. It is also a cross-platform and open-source environment.


Facebook's React makes creating a User Interface (UI) easy. It is significantly more intuitive because it uses a one-way data flow (as opposed to a bi-directional data flow). A popular feature, hot reload, enables users to view changes in real-time.


Vue.js is an excellent framework for developing Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and User Interfaces (UIs). This robust cross-platform framework excels in desktop and mobile application development.

And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive review of JavaScript. After mastering the fundamentals, a young programmer can comfortably move on to more advanced JavaScript programming.

The idea is to construct a strong foundation. This is the result of adequate training and practice. Matic Academy makes coding accessible and enjoyable!

Now Continue to Learn!
Without JavaScript, Web interactivity would be quite uninteresting. A young programmer can fully benefit from this extremely valuable programming language with proper instruction and practice. And Matic Academy is prepared to assist with our custom coding courses!

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