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Best Math Applications for Children

10 Dec 2022, 00:10 GMT+10

Math for children is sometimes viewed as tedious or difficult. However, with some practical math applications, arithmetic can be simple and engaging!

There are instructional apps for Android, iPad, and desktop computers that can help a child with math topics and problems.

What are the greatest math applications for children in 2022? Let's find out!

Why Math Applications?
Before we dive into app recommendations, let's examine the utility of math apps.

In addition to increasing math abilities and overall learning outcomes, apps make arithmetic enjoyable! These tools assist children of all ages to establish a firm foundation for future academic achievements and various occupations.

With math applications, the subject is no longer dreary or daunting. Gameplay and enjoyable activities enhance the experience. And because these resources are accessible online, children may learn arithmetic from any device with internet access!

What to Seek in Math Applications
There are a few things to watch out for when it comes to math applications. These include adjustable learning levels in addition to the following (but are not limited to):

  • Simplicity of Use
  • Age appropriateness
  • Cost
  • Support from educators
  • Learning results
  • Curriculum alignment
  • Progress monitoring
  • Promotion of participation and originality
  • Level of evaluation and investigation
  • Positive reinforcement types

Are you ready to discover the top math applications for children? Let's go!

Best Math Applications for Children
This list includes the twenty top applications for counting, multiplication, division, and mathematics.

Big Math Flash Cards
As suggested by the title, Big Math Flash Cards focuses on... you guessed it... playing cards! The layout is minimal, straightforward, and user-friendly, allowing a child to browse the program independently. Each flash card's answer can be revealed by flipping it over.

Need to monitor progress? Big Math Flash Cards allow users to track time and scores. Additionally, questions and difficulty levels are personalized to the user. The application is free and supports numerous color schemes!

BuzzMath is a fun and engaging app platform for children ages 6 to 16. Explore this platform if you're interested in building confidence and motivation through personalized learning!

BuzzMath, which educators created, contains almost 14,000 arithmetic questions. Motivate, advance, enrich, and consolidate are its four pillars. Applications fall into one of three age categories. This group consists of 6-7-year-olds, 8-11-year-olds, and 12-16-year-olds.

CK-12 offers 12 math apps covering a wide range of subjects, including science, social studies, photography, and arithmetic. The applications are separated by grade levels (1-8 grade levels) and topics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus).

CK-12 provides an effective adaptive learning technique perfect for imparting STEM information. Additionally, there is an online community for useful talks. The platform offers free web, Android, iOS, and Windows applications.

Want the greatest cross-platform application? DoodleMaths for Mac, PC, and Android satisfies Common Core and U.K. standards. requirements. The user interface is extremely appealing and child-friendly.

DoodleMaths, also well-known for its adaptive learning technology, supports students with their strengths and limitations. The platform asserts that improvement can be measured after only 10 minutes of daily use.

DragonBox is a terrific choice for kindergarteners, middle schoolers, and students of all academic levels, as it has six math programs. This program is great for both basic and advanced algebra studies.

4-9 (Numbers, Big Numbers, Algebra 5+, and Learn Chess) and 9+ (Algebra 12+ and Elements). This collection of interactive and entertaining apps is centered on intuitive gameplay.

This collection of interactive and entertaining apps is centered on intuitive gameplay.

Elephant Learning Math Academy
In addition to emphasizing discipline- and structure-based learning, Elephant Learning Math Academy is renowned for producing some of the greatest progress reports. It is unlike the other options on our list because it is designed more like a tutoring course.

Elephant Learning Academy provides a learning curriculum for ages 2 to 16 and claims to teach a child a year's worth of math in three months. This is the most expensive app on this list, and no Common Core curriculum is available.

Homer is an app and an early learning program that provides the foundation for math confidence. What is the secret to this app's success? It adapts the experience to the child's age, skill level, and interests.

Age- and interest-appropriate, Homer is both entertaining and enlightening when it comes to maths and many other areas. According to the website, [Homer delivers] screen time you can feel good about.

Not only does IXL include mathematics, but it also covers science, social studies, and language. The app is well regarded and provides a K-12 curriculum focusing on personalized learning.

IXL provides effective exercises with useful feedback using real-time diagnostics and analytics. Additionally, it is great for SAT and ACT preparation. There is a 30-day free trial but no free version of the app.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids touted as the finest free math program, covers a lot of ground! In addition to math, the software assists with problem-solving, language, motor development, social and emotional development, and much more.

Even though it lacks game-based content, Khan Academy Kids is an excellent resource for math topics like geometry and statistics. It may be downloaded free from all mainstream app shops, including Amazon Appstore.

Kids Learn Math Training Game
Searching for an application that teaches elementary math operations? The Kids Learn Math Training Game will be of assistance to you! It's all about engaging the minds and imaginations of younger children through entertaining games.

The application has free and premium versions (if you want to access all math operations). Math questions are provided in a quiz format. The Apple App Store contains the Kids Learn Math Training Game, suitable for children aged four and up.

Math Learning Center
As a platform, Math Learning Center provides access to various free math applications. Bridges of Mathematics' visual models influenced these applications. The apps offer a virtual classroom experience as opposed to being gamified.

Math Learning Center's library of web apps and downloadable apps includes everything from math terminology to geometry to money values. These applications provide explicit instruction, open exploration, and organized research.

Need a method to verify your work? Mathway provides a direct route to the solutions! This popular program provides clarity from elementary algebra to complicated calculus for millions of users. Mathway delivers step-by-step solutions whether you type it in or take a photo.

As a form virtual tutor, Mathway provides multiple options for problem-solving. A disadvantage is that the premium edition is required to read detailed solutions. Algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus are all covered by this program.

Marble Math Junior
Looking for an app that permits customization? Marble Math Junior is among the best available. Possibly one of the most entertaining math applications, it allows users to customize their experience to their specific requirements while having fun.

The program, based on the concept of a marble maze, has drawbacks. Notably absent are adaptive learning and progress reporting. What it lacks, however, is made up for because it can be personalized to a child's skill level and personality. Compatible with Android and iOS.

Monster Math
Monster Arithmetic, one of the best story-based learning apps, guides a youngster through 67 math principles in a quest to solve problems. Included in these notions are prime numbers, place values, and fractions.

This application is distinguished by its memorable characters and narratives. It is accessible on both iOS and Android. There is also a 7-day free trial for the app. The application also conforms to the Common Core State Standards for K-5 students.

Moose Math
Looking for an app for a kindergarten or first-grade student? Moose Math is the best solution! This learning software is exciting and highly inventive. Adults adore it for features like progress reports. The team at Khan Academy has developed a website with entertaining activities.

From counting to subtraction to geometry, Moose Math makes mathematics fun for younger children. It also aids in the implementation of the Common Core curriculum. The software is free to use and targets children ages 3 to 7.

Like fantasy games? Enjoy Pokemon? You would enjoy playing Prodigy. Offering quests and multiplayer gameplay is an excellent method for generating interest in mathematics. Those seeking a pleasant and simple method to grasp math will comprehend why this program is so popular.

In addition to being very engaging for children, Prodigy provides parents and educators with an array of monitoring and evaluation options. Both free and paid versions are accessible via web browsers, Android, iOS, and Amazon.

NumberSense, an AI-assisted app, gamifies math education for children. Math understanding and spatial reasoning are areas of emphasis. Effective, interesting, and adaptable, the software is intended to help children develop a passion for mathematics!

Registration is available for both parents and educators. Registration is free, and grants access to useful features like progress reports and child usage data. The application is downloadable for Android and iOS smartphones.

Math Kids: Math Games for Kids
In addition to preschoolers, Math Kids: Math Games for Kids is a wonderful alternative for youngsters up to 12. It has numerous arithmetic puzzles that aid in the instruction of counting, subtraction, addition, and more. The math application also gives methods for adults to manage and monitor use.

According to the app, beginning a child's education is never too early. The app is a free educational game with no third-party advertisements. This makes the experience enjoyable for children and adults alike!

Puzzle 10
Puzzle 10 is ideal for puzzle game enthusiasts aged four and older, as it is simple to master and incredibly entertaining. Each game is unique but based on the same concept: merging numbers until you "create 10." It also adds fun aspects such as coins and bonuses.

In addition to providing an entertaining experience, Puzzle 10 supports various languages, from Arabic to Russian. The application is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. It is also available as a free or paid download.

SplashLearn is designed for visual learners and ideal for kids pre-K through 5. Younger children enjoy counting and shape activities, while older youngsters can study everything from decimals to elementary mathematics.

The Splash math app offers over 350 ways to improve a child's basic math skills by combining entertaining activities with real-world learning results! This application is free to download on both Google Play and iOS (App Store).

Last Words on Math Applications
From elementary math, such as subtraction, through algebra and beyond, math apps are an excellent addition to a child's educational path. Remember that this is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Every child has distinct requirements and challenges.

Math practice can take numerous forms, including games, worksheets, and quizzes. Finding a balance between enjoyable engagement and effective learning is essential.

Take the time to test various learning applications to find the best fit. Also, keep in mind that discovery-based learning and individualized instruction can go a long way toward aiding a young student's exploration of mathematical topics!

Enroll in Online Mathematics Programs
Through targeted 1:1 instruction based on Common Core State Standards, our online math courses for children enable students ages 7 to 18 to discover the fun and significance of mathematics.

Discovery-based learning equips children with the tools to feel confident in their elementary school math classes, future academic routes, and professional interests. What do you think about this opportunity? We strongly suggest that you enroll your student today.

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