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EdTech: In a Post-Pandemic World

15 Dec 2022, 03:57 GMT+10

What is Educational Technology?

COVID altered the world. It would be an understatement to say that. The coronavirus epidemic altered how we work, interact, and instruct. In 2020, millions of students were required to abruptly transfer from in-person classes to lectures delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The abrupt change was disorienting and placed children with unreliable internet access in a difficult position. Now governments and schools across the globe must deal with the consequences. And educational technology (EdTech) could be the answer.

EdTech refers to the application of technology in the classroom. It spans from projectors to intelligent whiteboards. We may deploy EdTech as software that enhances learning in the classroom and relieves teachers of monotonous work, allowing them more time to engage with students. As schools moved online in 2020, EdTech gained widespread attention.

As someone pursuing A-Levels at the time, I have mixed feelings regarding online learning. However, few individuals prefer in-person classes. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) go a step further by providing online classes and certifications. Udemy, edX, and Coursera are examples of MOOC providers.

Pros versus Cons
EdTech has numerous advantages. It can be used to construct individualized curricula. EdTech also significantly benefits children with special needs by offering parents a variety of tools developed for their children. Learning Management Systems (LMS) is software that facilitates the recording, reporting, and administration of educational progress.

Additionally, numerous mobile applications have emerged in recent years. A Danish startup called Labster delivers virtual laboratory simulations. Remind is a messaging application designed to connect teachers and parents. Matic Academy provides do-it-yourself robotics kits, summer programs, and online courses. We intend to prepare today's children for the uncertainties of the future by educating them in STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.

Nonetheless, EdTech has its share of detractors. Numerous parents and educators view new technologies skeptically and prefer traditional educational techniques. Many say that online or specialized education is excessively impersonal and isolates pupils from their teachers and peers. After all, neither the process of developing friends nor extracurricular activities can be duplicated. In addition, it is impossible to substitute the human factor in teaching areas such as the arts and creative writing.

Perhaps the most damning indictment of EdTech is that most youngsters do not have access to it. Three billion people lack internet access worldwide. The majority of children could not afford computers or tablets. However, the government is responsible for expanding the Internet and communication infrastructure and ensuring that every child's educational needs are addressed. Countries such as Costa Rica have even declared the Internet a fundamental human right.

Education Technology and Matic Academy

Some say that the COVID-19 pandemic indicates that all countries should follow Costa Rica's example. However, one thing is certain: EdTech is here to stay. It has merits and cons, but its success ultimately depends on how educators and governments execute it. Moreover, we do not believe that EdTech will replace conventional education; rather, it will coexist.

We live in times of uncertainty. EdTech delivers essential solutions and is much more than simply responding to the pandemic.

Matic Academy is an EdTech that provides a range of goods and services. Our STEAM camps provide an intensive learning environment and a variety of courses. During the camps, children can also gain hands-on experience with robots and 3D printing. 

We also provide home-based and remote learning options. The all-inclusive STEAM learning platform provides a complete, activity-based curriculum to ensure children are never bored. It teaches children how to write code and experiment with their creations.

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