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Do you question whether robotics is a suitable field for your children? Are you having trouble locating the proper robotics kits for children? If so, we've got your answers!

Did you know that around 150,000 people are employed in robot engineering and assembly? In 2020, firms in North America ordered 31,044 robots. Globally, 88% of businesses intend to include robotic automation in their infrastructure. In 2025, the global expenditure on military robotics will be $16.5 billion.

There has never been a better time to train for the robotics sector, given these stats and the advancement of the field by tech titans such as Boston Dynamics and Elon Musk. So, before your children construct a robot that eliminates all of our jobs, let us advise you on how to introduce your children to robotics. In addition, we will provide robotics kits for children to get them started!

Is robotics essential for children?
In brief, absolutely. Children learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills through robotics. They develop a strong interest in the subject through hands-on learning, encouraging them to pursue STEM education and join a thriving sector.

Let's continue our investigation into why children must learn robotics.

Programming talents
Numerous robotics projects and hardware, such as Arduino, necessitate at least fundamental C programming. In the modern world, everyone must have a basic understanding of programming. If your children wish to alter careers, they will have the necessary background to transition into software engineering.

Logical reasoning
Working with robotics takes logical thought. A robot performs the functions designed for it. Creating the robot's logic is, therefore, an important stage. When working on logical reasoning, you must break down each step into specifics, create a plan, apply solutions, and assess the results. Working on such characteristics enables one to apply the same technique to other tasks and decisions. They will gradually become better problem solvers as a result.

A greater commitment to STEM
For whatever reason, most children have a natural affinity for robotics. They enjoy robots because of superheroes like Iron Man or video games. In addition, it is part of human nature to be devoted to and enjoy something one has created. IKEA, a renowned furniture retailer, frequently employs this strategy to increase its sales. The company generates repeat business by requiring clients to construct their furniture instead of offering pre-made furniture.

Combining the two concepts, we can see why children enjoy making robots. Although it may be a pleasurable activity for them, they develop a deeper appreciation for the topic. This resolves the persistent issue of children aged 8 to 13 losing interest in science due to all the theoretical studies, which ultimately causes them to abandon STEM careers. Students gain valuable insight into what they can accomplish with STEM education in the future by building robots. This increases their likelihood of pursuing it.

How to interest your children in robotics.
There are now numerous options to introduce your children to robotics. You can purchase books, research various electronic components, and experiment with various things until you become overwhelmed. Alternatively, you can take the intelligent route and utilize Matic Academys' assistance.

Let Matic Academy assist
Matic Academy seeks to prepare students for an industry that is always evolving by providing STEAM education. Their STEAM camp contains numerous modules that teach robotics fundamentals and practical skills. Students work on numerous projects, including robots that follow lines and avoid obstacles. With their meticulously prepared activities and curriculum, you won't have to worry about the minute things; they'll take care of everything!

Robotics sets for children
Obtaining the necessary components for robotics projects may present further difficulty. Matic Academy has your back again!

There are numerous hardware techniques for robotics. You can work with Arduino, an easy-to-use microcontroller for programming hardware, IoT kits, which automate daily tasks such as turning on a light bulb, and CodiBot, an instructional robot.

Matic Academy offers not just these basic kits but also kits for more specialised tasks. Need to feel like a doctor? Wellness kit. Want to use green energy? Solar home kit. Want to feel like a spy? Security and clothing equipment. With so many alternatives available, your children will never be bored.

Given the available resources, there is no better approach to introducing children to robotics. Even if individuals do not pursue robotics as a profession, engaging in robotics can enhance their careers. Happy studying!

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